Terms of service

Easycomehost Pvt Ltd has a responsibility to protect clients each and every data in our safe hands.
Please read the following terms and service carefully before ordering any services with us.

We request you to check our terms of service to ensure you understand the terms before which will apply at the time of purchase.
We recommend you to go through our terms and services every 30 days and check for any important updates.

1.General Terms:
When a client agrees to sign up with our services or continues to pay your due amounts, You agree to follow up with our agreement.
Paying the due amounts or the new account setup will strictly cover this agreement.

2. Scope of Services.
All services we offer come under lawful purposes.
The customer should stay away from publishing content that may violate the rights of third parties or otherwise violate the Government rules.
The pornographic content, Terrorism and extremist material, Religious Posts and Arguments or material not deemed in good taste is not permitted.
The person or company who are doing pornographic content, Terrorism and extremist material, Religious Posts and Arguments or material not deemed in good taste and contents that may violate the right of third parties and violate the government rules will face legal consequences and it's the responsibilty of the person or company who is doing these activities and not EasycomeHost company. EasycomeHost doesn't have any responsibility towards such activities and will file compliant immediately against them.
We do not encourage anyone to use our services for spamming activities and Phishing purposes.
We are entitled to block access to the account of any customer who violates this.
The offers and discounts are valid at the time of the order and it will expire after the time period.Technical support services are not included in the offers.

3. Service Interruptions.
We can temporarily restrict access to the services and products in case of network maintenance and hardware upgradations.
Customers understand that we are not liable for any financial or other circumstances during those interruptions.
Easycomehost is not responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental, and consequential damages which caused our servers going off-line or being unavailable for any reason whatsoever.
Easycomehost is not responsible for any claimed damages resulting from the deletion or corruption of any necessary system files.

4. Data Backup Security
The customers explicitly agree to backup their data regularly.
The data includes all their client data, Hosting data and server configurations.
These backups should be submitted to us in case of any failure.
If a mistake or emergency did occur, then the customer should have a recent backup of all missing, corrupted, or modified files which is necessary to restore the data.
These backups can be used as a key element to restore the data and safeguard against any serious loss for the customer, thereby helping both Easycomehost and the customer listed in this document with fulfilling their agreements.
We have taken full backups of the system prior to any system admin tasks and also weekly backup available on our side with retention enabled.

5. Payment Terms
All Monthly Server Management and Hosting Services should pay their dues one month per-payment in full.
This includes Setup fees, Hourly Fee, One time Fee and all service fees.Clients are expected to pay their bill prior to the monthly bill renewal cycle.
We will invoice the bills prior to the 7 days before the bill date.
You agree to the auto-renewal of your account unless you specified it separately on your client area.
If the payment is not made within the 7 days, We will immediately suspend your account, Which includes all the services should be stopped.
The client will get another 2 days to pay their due amount before deleting your account from the help desk,billing system and all our service lists.

6. Refund and Cancellation Policy
Clients should submit a cancellation request prior to 30 days before you plan to leave us.
You can submit a cancellation request from your client area without any charges.
All easycomehost account should be paid before you submitting the cancellation.
You will get a confirmation message from us once you cancel the services with us.
All payments to Easycomehost, are refundable. This includes the service charges without taxes regardless of usage.
Refund limit is valid till 7 days from the day of signup. After 7 days from the signup date the amount paid to Easycomehost are nonrefunable.
Refund will be credited to your bank account within 7 to 10 days after your cancellation.
All overcharges or billing disputes must be reported within 30 days of the time the dispute occurred.

7. Billing Cycle
All client billings are based on the day that you signed up the services initially.
You will be notified with an invoice prior to the billing cycle.
The full due amount must be paid within the next 7 days once the invoice is sent to your registered email account.

8. Copyright Restrictions
We do not allow anyone to copy our website contents, Codes used behind our websites, Plans and Pricing details, Design, Images, Portfolios, Videos etc. Stealing those information from our websites is against our privacy policy and we will take legal actions against them without any delay.

9. Refusal of Service
Easycomehost reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service at their sole discretion.
Failure to follow the above term or condition will result in immediate account deactivation. Easycomehost reserves the right to deny the refund of any money paid thus far if these policies are broken.